Christmas Jumper Chaos!

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Christmas Jumper Chaos!

So on Friday 15th we had our christmas jumper day in aid of Save the Children UK and although this day is for a great cause, there is some worry with the trend for christmas jumpers – which get more ridiculous every year!

It’s estimated that most jumpers only get worn once and are then thrown away, with most people buying a new one every year.  24% of people say they would be too embarrassed to wear the same jumper as they did the year before…. what??? Isn’t the whole point of christmas jumpers to be tacky and, well, ugly?

However, christmas jumpers are just a small part of the problem, with the overall issue being fast fashion in general.  The constant change of trends and keeping products at such a low cost to facilitate this, is extremely bad for the environment.  Encouraging this wasteful attitude results in greenhouse emissions of 1.2 billion tonnes per year from the industry!

Christmas jumpers are a fun tradition, but they needn’t become part of the fast fashion problem.  WRC Recycling are supporting the model of ‘re-duce, re-use, recycle’ by encouraging everybody not to throw away their christmas jumpers after the festive season this year.  Instead, why not swap with a friend for next year, or donate your old one to charity so that somebody else may benefit from it? You could also try a little bit of DIY and customise your jumper year after year, making it different, and more outrageous than the last!

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