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As a rule, WRC Recycling prefers to limit the use of Service Partners and to maximise the provision of services using directly employed resources.

The advantages of this philosophy can be summarised as: –

  • Simplest Solutions
  • Shortest Communication Chain
  • Total Management Control
  • Most Cost Effect

Notwithstanding this strategy, some of our customers look for us to replicate our service delivery across the UK, therefore there is a clear recognition by WRC Recycling that the services & delivery is best entrusted to specialist fully accredited Service Partners.

Service Partner Management

Over the years we have built up strong working relationships with one or two key contractors who have supported us in ensuring we are able to supply a consistent and excellent service across Scotland and the further UK. These suppliers are part of our framework agreement and are there through merit as their service levels as well as their customer focus matches our own levels of commitment and expectations.

We have restricted our approved Service Partners to 1/2 per geographical area that is currently out of service range. This allows us to build on long term relationships with our Service Partners allowing for confidence and continuity that their service offerings at the very least matches ours. Most of our service partners have working relationships with us for over 20 years.

Partnership Culture

To maximise value for money for our customers, WRC Recycling is committed to the development of long-term relationships with a limited number of key Service Partners, and this approach is adopted where self-delivery is not possible.

This approach helps to build a better understanding of each other’s business goals, both in terms of global and individual contract objectives. From experience, we know that this approach promotes the most effective service delivery and mitigates against service failure.

In order to ensure that our Service Partners are fully aware of the objectives, we always develop a Partnership Agreement philosophy with all of our major Service Partners at all levels.

The advantage of Service Partnership Agreements can be summarised as:

  • An understanding and commitment to achieve a common goal
  • Acceptance as an integral part of the WRC Recycling business structure and contract team
  • Transparency of subcontractor’s performance
  • Client confidence

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