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WRC recognise that the legislative minefield of waste management, with the regulatory laws and demands, can be complicated and confusing at best. With our experienced team of environmental experts, we are able to give guidance on your obligations and the expectations of your suppliers, competition and customers.

Environmental efficiencies of companies have now become a hot topic within the board room and now plays a significant part in how companies are perceived across their chosen markets, as well as having an impact on potential future work through the tender process.

Continuous improvement is not a tool or technique as such – but more of a cultural approach to environmental improvement. As a company our aim is to work in partnership with you, our clients, utilising regular meetings not only to measure progress but to also gain an understanding of your objectives and potential future requirements. This approach emphasises the continuing, never-ending nature of process improvement and is a simple feedback loop system.

During our partnership, we intend to build firm foundations by constantly reviewing our service delivery. We continually reassess costs and investigate new initiatives and innovations within the waste industry.

Our approach to change management is always through a process of investigation, consultation and client agreement where communication is vital in establishing best practice. We believe that by allowing flexibility in our service delivery we can adopt a more pro-active approach. If change is to be successful it has to link the strategic and the operational and everyday aspects of the organisation and the initial impact to all stakeholders. We always want to consider how to balance the different approaches to managing strategic and operational change according to the different circumstances. By translating the strategic change into a detailed resource plan we can factor in critical success factors and key tasks which will give us better control throughout the change management process.

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