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What is a circular economy?

A circular economy is one in which nothing falls out of the loop and therefore, nothing is wasted.  Items are used to their maximum potential and are then recycled and used again, eliminating the need for new products to be introduced.

A circular economy is important as it reduces the impact a heavy consumption society has on the environment by reducing waste.  There is also the hope that a circular economy will increase the productivity of society as a whole and change people’s mindsets regarding waste.

What are we doing to achieve a circular economy?

WRC Recycling was built on the premise of diverting waste from landfill and turning it into valuable resources.  This is done via our collection, sorting and granulating of waste; which can then be further processed or passed onto manufacturing industries—thus, closing the loop.

We recognise the need for change to keep in line with industry requirements and we are working towards a circular economy via investment in our operations.   We continuously monitor and improve our daily operations to achieve the most efficient processes and we regularly update our fleet to include the most efficient in regards to fuel consumption and emissions.

Zero Waste Scotland’s vision of a circular economy is their hope of creating a ‘zero waste society’.   One in which no materials fall out of the economy i.e. everything that can be, is reused and recycled – sending nothing to landfill.  The Scottish Government’s waste targets are set out specifically to help Scotland achieve a ‘zero waste society’.  Zero Waste Scotland are the organisation that is supported by the government to help the people and businesses of Scotland, achieve these targets.

The targets are listed below:

We work closely with Zero Waste Scotland by assisting our clients’ in meeting their own personalised targets regarding their waste management.  We actively promote a circular economy attitude in our day-to-day work and aim to help clients achieve these goals.

Many of these deadlines are fast approaching – do not delay!  WRC Recycling are the partner of choice to help you work towards the government’s targets.  We provide every client with a total waste management solution and we can assist your business tap into the economic opportunity that arises when waste becomes a resource, and not just a headache.

WRC Recycling supports the Scottish Government’s Zero Waste Plan, which is delivered with support from Zero Waste Scotland. Zero Waste Scotland helps individuals, businesses and the resource management industry to reduce waste, recycle more and use resources efficiently. For more information, visit:

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